Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Fine Art Heirloom Portrait Options

Museum-Quality Options to Preserve Your Portrait Moments

Artwork Options

Imagine coming home from a long day, worn down, and not feeling so great. You kick off your shoes, slide on your slippers, make a drink, and head to your room for a mood change. You open a luxurious album case, and slide out a carefully crafted album with your name on it.

You sit on the side of the bed and open it up, see the first photo and are instantly transported to that amazing boudoir session you did not long ago. You were so incredibly pampered that day, feeling so incredibly sexy, and flip through seeing which outfits you'd like to try on again... just for yourself.

The best part? You'll do this for years. You're investing in the preservation of memories and longevity of our products. Anthony continually checks the quality of the products from professional vendors, offering only the best that last more than a lifetime.

When properly cared for, your portraits should be viewed for generations and have the stories passed down with them. How wonderful it would be to say "That was mom/grandma/great-grandma/great-great..., didn't she look amazing?!"

Finding Your Style

We simply find which style works best for you. Albums with leather, pleather, and other fabrics. Artwork on canvas on metal instead? Or would you rather finger through a gorgeous set of matted prints in a folio collection? Not only does everyone have different tastes, but even some of your rooms for display can vary in style and color. It is for this reason that once you have commissioned your portrait, Anthony will schedule a in-home consultation to review your main walls, as well as your secondary and tertiery walls, for the appropriate setup. This also assists in the framing color choices.

Portrait sizes vary from 90"x60" (and larger) for masterpieces down to 12x18" for the smaller collage pieces. Because of this and the medium options below, our phone consultation is the best way to establish an idea of pricing for your portraits.

All portraits are signed and brought to you to unveil and install in your home. Why are you waiting to create your new portrait?

Reserve Your Session

Sample Boudoir Album - Matted Thick Pages

The perfect summary of your makeover session, a luxurious, discreet album designed by Anthony with your choice of selected images.

Floating Metal Triptych - Maternity Portraits

Metal portraits are bold and typically set to "float" off of the wall with our without frames depending on your preferences. Painted canvases are available as well.