Meet Your Boudoir Photographer & Portrait Artist: Anthony S. Torres

Creating Intimate Artwork for You. Located in Wake Forest, NC.

Anthony S. Torres is a premier photographer and digital portrait artist, avid member of the Professional Photographers of America, and Certified Professional Photographer. His business has been recognized in his community for charity work, awarded for assisting local businesses and Chamber of Commerce, and dedication to teaching his craft to others. He considers himself a "photo nerd" since he combines creative art skills with his problem-solving engineering background from MIT. He also has no problems being ridiculous by throwing himself into the boudoir poses as well to get you comfortable.

Note from Anthony

"Why do I do this? I joke that it's to make women cry, but for a good reason. I know from conversations with clients and women in my own family that it's tough to feel body-positive today in our society. If I can help women celebrate themselves and truly bring out their confidence and inner-self, it means the world to me. Having clients with happy tears after being a sexy model for the day, and yet, continue that confidence afterward for years to come, then our 'phototherapy' was a true success."

Anthony is originally from New York, but currently located in Wake Forest, NC. He spends any of his free time with his wife and two children exploring his community.

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Headshot of Anthony S. Torres
Anthony is a Certified Professional Photographer of the PPA